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Dri Fit Shirts Custom

Nov 10

Dri Fit Shirt Custom Printing Guidelines 

The Ultimate Guide To Dri Fit Shirt Custom

There are many types of polyester fabric blends and weaves. If you need any dri fit shirts custom printing, we have provided detailed information.

What's Dri-Fit Shirt Custom material?

Dri-fit is actually a high performance, microfiber, polyester fabric. It moves sweat away form the body to the fabric surface where it evaporates. Dri-FIT is a moisture-wicking fabric that keeps athletes comfortable and dry. Nike has many products that use Dri FIT Shirt custom technology, such as shirts, socks and pants, shorts, sweatshirts and sleeves, gloves, gloves, gloves, and other apparel.

Nike trademarked the term Drifit for their sportswear tees. It is now used to describe polyester apparels that quickly evaporate sweat and keep the wearer dry while outdoors.

We Have Different Dri Fit Materials

These are the dri-fit materials we have available for printing t-shirts. These fabrics can be made into a variety of t-shirt printing options, including polo tees, roundneck tees, and long- and short-sleeved t-shirts.

1. Microfibre Eyelet T-Shirt

2. Mini-Mesh (Eyelet) T-Shirt

3. Interlock Dri Fit T-Shirt

4. T-Shirt Melange Jersey

5. Microfibre RJ Pique T-shirt

6. Microfibre Pique (PK) T-Shirt

7. Mini Interlock Polyester T-Shirt

How do you find the right dri-fit material

These are the factors to consider when choosing the right material.


If you're looking to cut costs on large quantities, a few dollars can make a big difference. We recommend microfibre eyelet material. It is generally the most affordable of all the options. Our supplier ready stock selection includes Mircrofibre eyelet materials .


You are looking for the best material to provide comfort and fit. The mini-interlock or melange jerseys are highly recommended. They are both suitable for high-mobility and rigorous sports because they are softened and have a bit of elasticity that allows for movement.


Different types of dri-fit material are suitable for different purposes depending on what shirt you're using. Microfibre eyelet material is a good option if you're looking to make shirts available for events.

All of the dri fit materials mentioned above will be fine for outdoor activities. We believe that some materials are better suited to a particular activity/function than others.

Here's a quick summary

  1. Microfibre Eyelet- All purpose generic, largest selection of colours
  2. Minimesh Eyelet – If you don’t like the large eyelet holes.
  3. Interlock - Extra smooth texture for sport jerseys
  4. Melange Jersey – Premium feel, greater elasticity
  5. Microfibre RJ is a premium feel, thicker material.
  6. Microfibre PK - Polo t-shirts, honeycomb look.
  7. Mini Interlock – Extra soft, some elasticity

Are you having trouble finding what you are looking for?

Are you looking for a particular DRI FIT SHIRTS CUSTOM COLOR that is not in stock? We can do custom dyes for orders below 500 t-shirts. Sublimation printing is an option if 500 t-shirts are too much for your order. It requires a minimum order only 50 pcs.